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Visitors, who are pre-registered with Building Management, by the tenant, are checked for ID before being granted access through the turnstiles. For unannounced visitors, the tenant is called to clear the visitor before the visitor is allowed entry. The building currently has a web-based visitor management system that tenant’s can access to register their guests on line. This system is password protected for each tenant. Once the visitor’s name is registered on the system, it is available to the lobby desk instantaneously.

Access for deliveries, vendors and contractors is restricted to the service/loading dock entrance, and advanced notice needs to be provided to Building Management by the tenant.

The building operates a Package Intercept/ Messenger Center on the State Street side of the lobby, which is open from 7am to 7pm, on business days. Phone number (212) 248-0667. All packages coming into the center are x-rayed before being delivered to the tenant by the center’s internal messengers. Outside messengers are not permitted access to the building, with the exception of uniformed couriers, i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc. Packages delivered to the building outside of the Messenger Center’s operating hours are not accepted, unless the tenant is available to come to the lobby and accept the package.

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