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General Office Security
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Security Checklist

The following is a list of general office security suggestions, which are offered to you as an aid in establishing your internal security procedures:

  • The building management office must be immediately notified, in writing, of any lost or stolen tenant identification cards. Upon receipt of this information the card will be deactivated.
  • Keep complete, up-to-date records of the distribution of all office keys.
  • Establish uniform procedures for collecting keys/access cards prior to the termination of employees.
  • Insist on identification from repairmen who come to work in your office.
  • Clear all desks of important papers.
  • When working alone in the office at night, lock the front door to prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Keep the police, fire department, and building security telephone numbers posted.
  • Double check to see that all doors are securely locked before you leave.

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